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Five Ways to Use External Keywords to Market Your Website

Keywords are an integral part of marketing a product, service, website, or anything online. External keywords as well as internal keywords must be researched and utilized in every online marketing endeavor. When the right keywords are secured, they need to be used on the website itself, and offsite as described in the five examples below.
1) First, we have PPC marketing. This is where you place ads in Google, other search engines, or targeted websites, and then pay per each click that someone makes on the ad. Keywords are targeted for the market that you want to attract and there are many strategies that can be applied to these external keywords. Many marketers find success utilizing this method of online marketing.
2) Article marketing has been proven very successful to market both products and services. External keywords are used in the title of the article, throughout the body of the article, and as the anchor text in the link that is place in the resource box that follows the article. Here again, it is most important to do thorough keyword research so that you find the key words and phrases that you can compete with online. The last thing that you want to do is put time and effort into a project that will never return results. If the keyword you target already has thousands, or tens or hundreds of thousands, of websites using it, you may never be able to rank high enough in the search engines for people to find you.
3) Using keywords as tags, or anchor text, anytime that you place your website URL online is a great strategy for the search engines because they will find these tags and be able to follow them to your website. When they see that your website is related, with the same keywords as your external keyword links, your website will be rewarded with top search engine listings. These tags also establish backlinks to your website that are highly regarded by the search engines.
4) Social media and social marketing use external keywords to link back to websites with the goal of driving traffic to the websites. People search the social sites by using keywords to find what interests them or what they want to know more about or research. If they like the content or information that is given, they will spread the word which can bring a lot of referra

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